large diesel marine engines

Back-Up Power Sources Provide Safety for Marine Users

Industries that depend on sources of power when traditional power sources are not available rely on generators and Marine Engines. Some of those industries include construction, government data centers, hospitals, Navy and marine, mining, and oil and gas. For organizations in these industries, losing power long-term is simply not an option. It can be mission critical and lives can be at stake if company sites or fleet vehicles within these industries are without power for an extended amount of time.

Depco is a company that provides generators, replacement parts and replacement large diesel marine engines. The company also accepts used engines that it can resell to its customer base. There is a variety of used and new equipment to choose from, depending on the site's needs.

The Navy and marine industry specifically require a back-up power source since their fleets are isolated from traditional power grids. Industrial sized engines provide the power source that ships need to function when away from land. Without these engines, cruise ships and U.S. Navy vessels would not be able to have suitable, modern living quarters. Companies that sell these types of engines can also service them and respond to emergency service requests if necessary. The importance of a reliable, constant power source is a concept that these companies understand. come with a quality and service guarantee. The quality control process involves certification by engine and parts experts who thoroughly test each component. Just because a used engine has been in service before does not mean it will not function at a high quality level. In fact, a used engine can function just as well as brand new one provided that its parts have been well-maintained and any defects have been identified and corrected. A source of good used marine engines should offer the choice of renting or buying a variety of different certified units. Prices can range from below $100,000 to above $200,000. It all depends on the engine's horsepower and hours that are on the engine.

New marine engines will be priced slightly higher than used engines due to the fact that there is less wear and tear on the engine itself. Companies that have expert knowledge of back-up power sources and marine engine quality can answer questions and find the best solution for the organization's needs. Since constant, reliable power is the primary concern, for some sites it can be best to consider multiple options. These options can include transfer switches, generators, generator ends or complete power units.